Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just got back from yoga..... feeling very relaxed, peaceful, and happy........the mission in life: to make yourself happy:) whatever makes us feel good is what's important,be it, swimming, running, music, or yoga exercises.... and just to point out: Yoga is not a religion.No belief is needed to practice yoga exercises, it is a physical science just like physics or math-- it is just accident that the Hindus discovered it, but anyone can be a yogi it is nothing to think or believe about you just experience it for your heart mind body and soul..maybe some people INCLUDE it in their religious practices, but that does not make Yoga itself a 'belief system' or an opening for any type of God, it is just man and nature..Not everyone uses it for religious purposes and if some people do than I respect that too, I know my purposes and my faith.............. the message: let it be people:) one love♥..namaste☮..God bless:)

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