Tuesday, May 4, 2010


4th of July 2008
a date I will never forget
The day I found out there was life stirring inside of me
six weeks of pregnancy and never grew suspicious
until the fireworks burst just before we head into the doctor's office
he thought; 'only nineteen and pregnant'
but this was a gift very few can experience
I was going to give birth, it was all meant to be
amidst all the fear, stress,and anxiety
I felt peaceful, thrilled, and positive
I knew I wanted you even before I heard your heart racing like horses on a track
This was going to be my decision, my life long commitment
With God by my side, without any doubt, I chose life for you
and named you after it too
your name "Eva" my beautiful and healthy baby girl
my life, my light, my love
now you are 14 months old and always bring joy to my days
every time I see your bright smile I contemplate on how wonderful life's blessings can be.