Friday, February 5, 2010

a quote

"You preach for peace and love yet all you do is argue and judge"- ♥ ME

Some people go around preaching to do things their way instead of looking at themselves and then accepting people the way they are, and stop beating themselves up for it... The only person you can change in this world is yourself, If you don't like something,change the way you think or leave. Live your life, be who you want to be, and let others be, everyone needs to lead their own path, stumble fall and get back up. We all learn by experience, we all make mistakes and learn from them. You only have one life to live, don't worry so much, let it be. Everyone is different, Accept it. Everybody is perfect in their own way. Be a happy non judgmental person then maybe we'll follow.... :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just got back from yoga..... feeling very relaxed, peaceful, and happy........the mission in life: to make yourself happy:) whatever makes us feel good is what's important,be it, swimming, running, music, or yoga exercises.... and just to point out: Yoga is not a religion.No belief is needed to practice yoga exercises, it is a physical science just like physics or math-- it is just accident that the Hindus discovered it, but anyone can be a yogi it is nothing to think or believe about you just experience it for your heart mind body and soul..maybe some people INCLUDE it in their religious practices, but that does not make Yoga itself a 'belief system' or an opening for any type of God, it is just man and nature..Not everyone uses it for religious purposes and if some people do than I respect that too, I know my purposes and my faith.............. the message: let it be people:) one love♥..namaste☮..God bless:)

my momentary title..

You're probably wondering why I have a Charlie Chaplin quote on my Title....I put that there for the moment until I figure out what I should really name my 'diary'. I put that quote for the time being because that is what has been on my mind, that is what I am feeling at the moment. I agree with what he said, "We think too much and feel too little." it is true. now a days we are so fixed up into what society thinks that we do not follow our feelings, which is what is the truth. In our minds we have many thoughts, and many of which are lies. a wise man has said that only 'the truth will set you free.' But how do we know what the truth is? I believe it is what we feel, that is the truth. If we just block out all the negative thoughts that are given to us by outsiders we should feel and know what is truth. We think too much and judge before doing what we know we love, what we know is the right thing, what we really want. We should learn to follow our hearts not our mind, and stop assuming. We assume to much which give us the negative thoughts which lead to a trap that is so hard to get out of, a trap of dishonesty, mistrust, jealousy, negativity,insecurity, and fear. If like a child again, we could just block out the voices of people of our surroundings and our minds we will be able to follow what we feel and know truth know what we truly want. Then without judgements we could act upon what we feel and stop hurting ourselves and people we love. By thinking too much we don't get far, if we follow what we really feel and not what we think we feel maybe we could understand ourselves and others better. Maybe then we could live without lies and be true to ourselves. never believe your thoughts, always follow your heart, as a part of nature we too shall have that instinct inside us to just do,just feel it and...just know..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is a blog where you will find all sorts of things along my path that make an impression on me for any reason and many contemplations of a wife,a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a friend, a teacher, a student, a lover, a fighter, a believer, a dreamer, a story teller, an artist..I have been inspired to create my own blog page to share my endless daydreams. I believe that in this life we are all artists creating our own story, although our life may be perceived in different ways to outsiders, in reality how much can we say we really know each other? Each of us tell the same story with various twists, here I will share with you my version of my own story. A story that I'm still writing each day and in the process of understanding thoroughly. Here are bits and pieces of my days dwellings, artworks I admire, feelings, and all the beauty and influences that make up the story I love to live.. this would be my place to put all ponders to rest, enjoy, and get lost in the moment♥