Thursday, October 28, 2010

♪Jazz washes away the dust of every day life. -Art Blakey

Tonight Im feeling jazzy--

floating to a place I've never been before

engaged in beautiful sounds and words of Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday

I'm in my momentary bliss of never ending curiosity

their music takes me to a fancy place, a place where there's no time, a place where life is lush, my very own paradise

Yet I feel lost in this state of time;as if I belong where they were

with my lavishing silk dress and fur coat,flower in my hair,tears of diamonds drooping down my ears, waving the long cigarette in my hand, the music playing and the champaign flowing; purely enjoying life, just dancing to the beauty of immortality

I imagine myself in a jazz restaurant and then suddenly I'm exploring the world beyond measures

meeting new people,eating great foods, being head over heels in forbidden love

I just want to lose myself in this moment, let everything go, for once-be free

everyone with a smile on their faces, no problems -no judgments,

only love unchained to vivify

we're all laughing with no worries of tomorrow,

there is no time to stop us now- no need to hurry

only tonight exists- like that dream we never grew weary of;

jumping from one place in time to the next

dancing amongst the stars with our problems left in time

all our savings packed and we're on our way to other places just you and I

loving deeply, living deeply,

deep in our world we can be who we truly are

time to be boldly spontaneous

making new trails you and I

we're meant to be someplace,sometime,together in this dream we call home in our paradise unknown.✴

--Andrea J ♥

art:Debra Hurdof

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